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FCBHEALTHVivus®Qsymia®Weight loss and chronic weight management for adults with a BMI of ≥30 high blood pressure (hypertension), type 2 diabetes, or high cholesterol (dyslipidemia)IVA (interactive visual aid), Mobile iPad sales aid app concepts, designs and layouts
Cadient GroupVivus®Qnexa®Weight loss and chronic weight management for adults with a BMI of ≥30 high blood pressure (hypertension), type 2 diabetes, or high cholesterol (dyslipidemia)Responsive web design and concept
Ovis CreativeThe Lind PartnersThe Lind PartnersInvestment BankingWeb design
jim-onlineSuann Ingle Communications Trial ConsultantsArtemis®Trial GraphicsPowerPoint trial graphics design charts, graphs, tables, illustration
jim-onlineSuann Ingle Communications Trial ConsultantsPacific Funding FidelityTrial GraphicsPowerPoint trial graphics design charts, graphs, tables, illustration
jim-onlineSuann Ingle Communications Trial ConsultantsTeva Pharmaceutical
Trial GraphicsPowerPoint trial graphics design charts, graphs, tables, illustration
Havas TonicRegeneron PharmaceuticalsPraluent®High Cholesterol: PCSK9 InhibitorFreelance Art Director: Concepts and Adlob executions for a pitch, Photoshop CC, Illustrator CC, InDesign CC
The Big Arrow GroupRaptorProcysbi®Nephropathic CystinosisInfo graphics and charts design, print visual aid design and layout
The Falk GroupPfizerMedrol QDpak®Methylprednisolone (corticosteroid hormone anti-inflamatory used to treat conditions such as arthritis, blood disorders, severe allergic reactions, certain cancers (oncology), eye conditions (ophthalmology), skin/kidney/intestinal/lung diseases, and immune system disorders. It decreases your immune system's response to various diseases to reduce symptoms such as swelling, pain, and allergic-type reactions. Creative Direction advertising campaign concepts development, art direction, comprehensive rendering, photo composition, photo research.
The CDM Group:
Agency Rx
Orion PharmaDexdor®Intravenous Sedative for ICU PatientsIVA (interactive visual aid), Interactive iPad video app concept and design, storyboards, sketches
FCBHEALTHOnyx Pharmaceuticals Subsidiary of AmgenKyprolis®Oncology: Blood Cancer, Multiple MyelomaFreelance Integrated Art Director
EdelmanNuStepNuStep®Physical Therapy and RehabWeb design concepts
The CDM Group:
Agency Rx
NovartisFocalin XR®Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
FCBHEALTHMerckJanumet®Sitagliptin and metformin HCl extended-release tablets used in the management of type 2 diabetesIVA (interactive visual aid), Branding
FCBHEALTHMerckJanuvia®Sitagliptin - oral diabetes medicine that helps control blood sugar levels.IVA (interactive visual aid), Branding, Integrated Multimedia Advertising Campaign
Lewis & GaceMerckLosec®Proton Pump Inhibitor -- for the treatment of reflux and GERDLaunch Creative Director
OHG Health / WildTypeMerckKeytruda®Oncology: humanized antibody used in cancer immunotherapy that treats Melanoma (Skin Cancer); Lung Cancer; Head and Neck Cancer; Hodgkin Lymphoma; Stomach Cancer / Gastric Cancer; Cervical Cancer; Breast Cancer; Bladder Cancer (Advanced Urothelial Carcinoma).Art Supervisor
BrandAgentsLutheran Medical CenterLutheran Medical Center500 bed hospital and community healthcare office networkCreative Direction, Account Management, Project Management, Branding, Integrated Multicultural, Multimedia Advertising, Environmental Graphics, Wayfinding
Flaum NavigatorsKing PharmaceuticalsAvinza®Morphine sulfate extended release opiod pain medication narcotic used to treat moderate to severe pain around the clockArt Direction and Copywriting advertising campaign concepts development
The CDM Group:
Cline Davis & Mann
JanssenXarelto®Anticoagulant blood thinner for the treatment and prevention of blood clots used in people with atrial fibrillation, stroke prevention, etc.iViewer User Manual
The Falk GroupJanssenInvega®SchizophreniaPowerPoint Template
Ogilvy CommonhealthInterceptOcaliva®Liver Disease (Primary Biliary Cholangitis (PBC))Digital Art Direction: Concept and Visual Design of an innovative interactive iPad App / Sales Aid to professionals
Havas TonicGSKBreo®COPD and AsthmaFreelance Interactive Art Director / Digital Designer: Web design, layer comps, Photoshop CC
Havas TonicGSKVaccinesVaccinesStoryboards, video concepts, and infographics
Science & PurposeGileadHepcludexAntiviral medication for the treatment of chronic hepatitis D. Integrated pre-launch and launch tactics including animated and static banner ads, journal ads, wallboards , and digital assets.Art Direction
Havas TonicGenzymeGenzymeRare and neglected diseasesFreelance Art Director: Integrated marketing program graphics, logo designs, and illustrations
Havas TonicGenzymeLemtrada®Multiple Sclerosis: Monoclonal antibody/CD52 blockerFreelance Interactive Art Director / Digital Designer: Web design, layer comps, Photoshop CC
Havas TonicGenzymeMS One to One®Multiple Schlerosis: Patient Support ProgramFreelance Art Director: Integrated marketing program tactical graphics conceopts for strategic plan, logo designs, and illustrations
jim-onlineFlatlands Medical & Urgent CareFlatlands MedicalMedical GroupLogo design and branding
Concentric Health ExperienceFerring PharmaceuticalsPrepopik®Colonoscopy Bowel PreparationCampaign concept development, logo design, sketches
jim-onlineCopper Development AssociationProMet®CopperCourse materials design, PowerPoint presentation
PalioCelgene, AgiosAG-221Oncology (acute myeloid leukemia (AML))
Primary Audience: Hematologists/Oncologists (KOL, Community and Academic physicians) and Pathologists, Secondary Audience: Payers and Nurses
Freelance Integrated Art Director
PalioCelgeneOtezla®Psoriasis and Psoriatic Arthritis, DermatologyFreelance Art Director: US professional web site concepts, GRAPPA Recommendations Web App, Tactical Graphics Concepts and Comp Rendering, Print Collateral (Detail Aid), Print Advertising
The CDM Group:
Agency Rx
CelgeneIstodax®Peripheral T-Cell LymphomaPrint ad design
FCBHEALTHBristol-Meyers SquibbOpdivo®Oncology: Lung CancerLayer comps, IVA (interactive visual aid)
jim-onlineBoomerang Pharmaceutical CommunicationsBoomerang
Pharmaceutical / biotech digital communications agencyWeb Site copy writing
jim-onlineBlue Cross Blue Shield of NJHealthcare ReformHealth InsuranceLogo and graphic style development, presentation layouts and templates, illustration, PowerPoint
Ovis CreativeBasswood Capital ManagementBasswood Capital
Investment BankingWeb design
Cadient GroupAstraZeneca Brilinta®Heart attack, chest pain, unstable anginaBanner Ads campaign design
Cadient GroupAstraZeneca Symbicort®AsthmaBanner Ads campaign design
Ovis CreativeAquilo PartnersAquilo PartnersLife Science Investment BankingWeb design
Pacific CommunicationsAllerganLastacaft®Ophthalmology: fast-acting once-daily antihistamine eye drop. Relieves itching due to allergic conjunctivitusLaunch advertising concepts
RosettaAllerganOptive®Ophthalmology: "Artificial tears" (eye drops) used to relieve dry eyes. Can help with irritation and burning.IVA (interactive visual aid) Interactive selling tool user’s guide concept, design, and layout
FCBHEALTHAbbvieViekira®Chronic Hepatitus C Virus Genotype 1, Cirrhosis, Advanced Liver DiseaseWeb design
S. J. WeinsteinAlcon® SurgicalPMMA Intraocular LensesCILCO Single-peice PMMA Posterior Chamber LensesCreative direction, art direction, concept, design, production


2022 – 2023 | Remote
Omnicom Health Group, Omnicom
Art Supervisor: 360º – Digital, Interactive, UI, Social, Web, Motion, Video, Print

Same as below with an expanded role across the Omnicom Health Group family of agencies including Science with Purpose, WildType, and Entree Health

2017 – 2022 | Remote
WildType Healthcare Communications
Art Supervisor: Merck Keytruda

Conceived, designed, directed, executed, and produced tactics across digital, print, video, 3D, motion, interactive and social for the full spectrum of Keytruda oncology indications: skin, breast, bladder, liver, MSI-H/dMMR, cHL, head and neck, gastric, esophageal, lung, colon, cervical, and kidney.  Collaborated with internal teams and client teams across disciplines, presented and sold work internally and to client

2009 – 2017  |  New York, New Jersey
Integrated, 360º Creative

Digital Art Director: Ogilvy Commonhealth, Ovis Creative, Cadient Group; Integrated Senior Art Director & designer: Palio Ignite; Grey Healthcare Group; Havas Tonic; FCBHEALTH, Concentric Healthcare Advertising, Edelman, Cline Davis & Mann, Agency Rx, Pacific Communications, Rosetta; Digital Copywriter: Boomerang Pharmaceutical Communications

2006 – 2009  |  New York, NY
FCB Health
Art Supervisor: Merck Januvia / Janumet, Cozaar Hyzaar, AstraZeneca FluMist

2000 – 2006. |. New York, NY
Integrated 360º Creative Direction: Lutheran Medical Center, Sunset Park Family Health Center Network, Lutheran Healthcare


Mac and PC; Adobe Creative Suite: InDesign, XD, After Effects, Premiere Pro, Photoshop; Illustrator; Figma; Sketch; Microsoft Office: Powerpoint; Word; Excel; Project


School of Visual Arts: BFA, Graphic Design


Aquent Gymnasium: Coding for Professional Designers

Digital Marketing Institute + AMA, Digital Marketing Expert Certification (December 2023)

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Hi, I’m jim, the proud father of a beautiful daughter who just got a full scholarship at NYU! (Whew!) I moved to San Diego from New York City in 2018 to take care of my mom and work remote (thanks to the amazing people at Omnicom Health Group). I like to say that Omnicom saved my mom! We kept her out of a nursing home and she passed away in her own bed in 2019. Then COVID hit and everyone was working remote. So I stayed. Now I like to climb mountains. Thanks for stopping by! Please feel free to reach out!