OtezlaPro.com Visual Design Concept:

Design, UI, and the Path to Prescription

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Envisioned as a virtual sales rep, my concept for the redesign of www.otezlapro.com is a modular, responsive, objectives based approach utilizing UX principles, a mobile friendly design, and modular apps influenced by Windows® Live Tiles.  It features a breadcrumb style arrow motif to guide professional users along the path to prescribiig Otezla®.

The initial concept was presented internally as a layout based on golden mean proportions.  The design was significantly improved upon with input from Creative Director David Cohen and evolved into a classic rule of thirds composition.

Starting with the landing page and continuing throughout the site design; there is a violator in the header to encourage rep contact and a clearly delineated breadcrumb / arrow motif to guide the user.  The  layouts are modular and hierarchical with tiered focal points to guide the eye starting with the featured image and main information.

The tiles are elementary, brightly colored, and interactively animated to simplify, encourage, and aid the path to prescription.  There are multiple apps  like the “Start Form” or the “Letter of Medical Necessity” generator, etc.  Their UI is inspired by landing page tactics that simply present a button or the first few fields to encourage user investment in completing a more complex task.  Other tiles offer clinical data, contact paths, etc.  Every action offers the client opportunities to gather data.

Although Otezla has a dual indication, there are pages that are common to both. Links to these are omnipresent in the header of the entire site. A drop-down menu on the left also provides access and thumbnails of the campaign art with rollover indications that lead to those sections. So a user can intuitively get to anywhere in the site from anywhere in the site with as little as a click and no more than a rollover and a couple clicks.

The ultimate credit goes to Creative Director, David Cohen who’s keen insight and subtle touches pulled the concept together and made it work. But ultimately the live site that emerged at www.otezlapro.com is a combination of the designs and client choices more heavily influenced by teammates C.J. Santaniello (Art Supervisor) and Brian Malinchak (Art Director).  Their insights and expert points of view were inspiring.

However these designs represent my thinking and aesthetics on the project.  They demonstrate my creative point of view: a strategic, business objectives based approach to visual interactive UI design.

Project: Celgene OtezlaPro.com redesign concepts

Agency: Palio

Client: Celgene

Brand: Otezla®

Category: Plaque Psoriasis, Psoriatic Arthritis

Role: Art Director, Designer – Freelance

Skills: Concept, UI, Digital Design, Front End Design

Software: Adobe Photoshop CC, Adobe InDesign CC, Adobe Illustrator CC

Creative Direction: David Cohen, Art

Art Supervision: C.J. Santaniello

Description: Objectives based concepts for the redesign of www.otezlapro.com.