Lutheran Medical Center Ad Campaign:

 a higher standard of caring — when a hospital cares for more than its patients it cares for the whole community

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After the success of this Physicial Referral Service ad, Marketing Director Cecilia Fabrizio and Bob Walsh, VP Community Relations asked BrandAgents to do a print campaign and thet grew into a multimedia, multicultural, multilingual branding and integrated marketing communications campaign.


We worked off an Ernst & Young study that spoke about perceptions in the community driving private insurance patients to other boroughs like Staten Island and Manhattan.  The study also pointed to another issue.  The hospital had all the components of an integrated system but they operated as separate entities and this was reflected in the branding.  In design terms it lacked continuity.  Different divisions had completely different logos and looks.  Even the hospital’s logo had been designed by the wife of a former president.


Creative Concept: Although it strove for excellence, Lutheran Medical Center, a 500 bed teaching hospital in southwest Brooklyn, could not claim to offer the best medical care in the area.  But it had a long and special history and a higher calling that went beyond medicine: to care for more than just the person but also for the whole community.  This campaign, the “Lutheran Medical Center Higher Standard of Caring” advertising campaign was inspired by a clause in the hospitals mission statement that described this devotion:

“Lutheran exists to serve its neighbors.  We are dedicated to caring for whole persons throughout whole communities.  As a stabilizing foundation for these communities, Lutheran is committed to meeting our neighbors’ changing physical, emotional, spiritual, intellectual and social needs.”

Project: Lutheran Medical Center Advertising Campaign

Agency: BrandAgents

Client: Lutheran Medical Center

Brand: Lutheran Medical Center

Category: Hospitals, Branding

Role: Creative Director, Principal, Art Direction, Design, Copywriting

Skills: Branding, Design, Project Management, Strategy, Planning, Account

Software: Adobe Photoshop , Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, Microsoft Excel, Clients & Profits

Description: Advertising campaign